This equipment displays the tension provided by micro deviation load detectors attached to both ends of the material roll. It also outputs the voltage and current values of the external tension signal, allowing it to be used as both a control signal and an external display.
This product is best suited to use as a material tension display in the production of the paper, film and more.


Type TA-100
Power voltage AC90-242V 50/60Hz
Tension display 0-999kg
(Decimal point is moved by switch)
External voltage output DC0-10V/FS
External current output DC0-1mA/FS
Detector power DC6V 100mA
Applied RD type detector
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Operating humidity 10-85%RH (without condensation)
Vibration Less than 0.5G
Structure Steel plate, panel mounting enclosure
Weight About 0.8kg
Paint color Panel P2-1007, Case 5Y8/0.5