CMPH contactless controller
4x capacitance over-excitation
The CMPH controller is the highest speed operating controller developed for high frequency and high precision operation of electromagnetic clutches/brakes.
The controller adopts a 4x capacitance excitation method using power transistors as the switching element, making it contactless. This allows us to achieve incredible position control, size control, indexing control and high frequency activation/braking control. A special switching circuit (Patent pending) is used for the controller's internal circuitry, eliminating the need for an external serial resistor


Input voltage AC-V 200/220 200/220
Fuse capacity A 1 2
Capacity(Normal load capacity) W 25 70
Rating Continuous
Adjusting time
Time lag (ms)
0-40(20 at shipping)
Adjust by same volume for both clutches/brakes
5-80(50 at shipping)
Adjust by different volume for clutches/brakes
Structure Steel plate, floor type
Dimension(mm) A 206 246
B 170 195
C 136 151
D 170 210
E 130 160
Weight Kg 4.8 7.8
Painting color Munsell 7.5BG6/1.5


(Note)1. Don't connect a varistor as a discharge circuit.