This is a constant voltage/current power source dedicated to controlling the load torque of electromagnetic powder clutches/brakes. While operating in constant current mode, the input voltage will vary, allowing stable torque control even with temperature variation in the electromagnetic powder clutch/brake's coil. The constant voltage/constant current mode can be switched depending on the application and it provides over voltage/over current protection in case of load abnormalities.


Type PS-6.0A
Input power AC100V/110V or 200/220V ±10%
Terminal block is switched 50/60Hz
  Monitor display Output current 0.0-6.2A with constant current setting
Output voltage 00-24V with constant voltage setting
Over voltage 0V
Over current 0C
Output voltage 0.5-24V ±2.5% with constant voltage setting Operating temperature 0〜40°C (storage temperature -10-50°C)
Output current 0.1-6.2A±2.5%(at24V) with constant current setting Structure Steel plate, wall mounting, protective enclosure
Control input Input resistance 10kΩ (front panel, external volume) Paint color ·Case Munsell 5Y8/0.5 ·Panel P2-1007
External voltage input 0-10V/FS Input resistance about 10kΩ Weight 2.5kg
External signal RUN signal(pulse signal) Output ON
STOP signal(pulse signal) Output OFF
Compatible models All models of powder clutches/brakes